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des possibles

Date :

June 2014-15

Collaborators :

Camille Lamy,
Marine Ledoux-Lebard,
Xavier Laurin.

Marché des Possibles’ goal is to rejuvenate a green space and an underused parking lot in the Mile-End. It’s also a market, a variety of activity is organized every Friday, Saturday and Sunday: workshops for children, outdoors concerts, projections, yoga classes, etc.

Our mandate was to set up a biergarten in the park, some lighting and various furniture. A range of night lights were installed to create an intimate and welcoming vibe under the trees. The biggest challenge was to create furniture that could stay on site permanently, that would be as comfortable under the pine trees as on the grass, that would be durable and affordable and that could be moved. The half picnic tables were created to bring up the idea of sitting at a bar, rather than sitting at a lunch table.

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