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Cloutier Street

Date :

April 2017

Collaborators :

Xavier Laurin,
Jiji LaPointe.

Pelouse developed and brought together a temporary pedestrian installation on Cloutier street. Semer la Biodiversité - organized by les amis du champ des possibles - works to spread the vegetation found in le Champ des Possibles.

Semer la Biodiversité, part of the plan de développement urbain, économique et social (PDUES), is the starting point of a bigger project. It aims to start a conversation amongst the visitors of the sites about the coexistence of natural ecosystems in our urban landscape. To cover these issues, Pelouse set up a true to scale chart of the landscaping inspired by the drawings of Gertrude Jekyll. Les Amis hosted events open to the public: workshops for the youths and discussions on the potential pedestrianization of the area, which would act as a link between the city’s wild land and the parks of the area.

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